Covid-19 Homevisits: Let's stay safe

Pre-Screening Call

Within 24hrs of your appointment, you'll receive a phone call from Laura. This is to ascertain the following:

  • is there a need for a face-to-face consultation? - would a remote/video consultation be better suited to your needs?
  • do you, or any one in your household, currently have covid-19 symptoms (a new dry, persistent cough? high temperature? loss of taste or smell?) or have any of you tested positive in the last 7 days?
  • do you, or anyone in your household, suffer from respiratory symptoms such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD)?

The Homevisit Itself

For the time-being face-to-face appointments will be limited to 30 minutes and not all of this time may be spent with you. For example, some of the time may be spent taking your case history during the pre-screening phone call, or writing up your file notes. Please rest assured that the full appointment time will be spent on you, but just may not be directly in front of you.

Laura will phone you to announce her arrival, at the agreed time of your appointment. In line with government guidelines, let's do the following:

You should:

  • Wash your hands: it takes 20 seconds to generate enough friction to remove any virus from your skin. The temperature of the water doesn't matter to the virus, though you'll find that cooler water is kinder to your hands over time
  • Wear your mask
  • Clear a path for Laura's passage to your treatment room: covid-19 lives on surfaces, so let's minimise the number of items Laura touches in your home
  • Please clear the room of people that don't need to be there. Of course, if you'd prefer a chaperone or you're the parent/guardian of the patient, then please stay but otherwise, let's limit the number of people at your appointment
  • Please have a clean pillow and towel to hand if you'd like to lie on them, on the bare treatment table

Laura will:

  • Turn up in single-use personal protection equipment (PPE): nitrile gloves, an apron and a mask
  • Use a contactless thermometer to take both her temperature and yours
  • Thoroughly wipe her shoes on your doormat before entering
  • Bring the treatment table and a minimal number of items into your home

Please note, we no longer accept cash so payments can be made via online banking or our contactless card machine.
Any further bookings will be carried out over the phone, once Laura has access to her diary again (saves bringing it into your home).

Ending the Homevisit

Laura will:

  • Remove her gloves and apron before leaving your house and put them in a double-lined bin bag
  • Thoroughly wipe down and clean any items that entered your house
  • Remove her mask once outside your house and add them to the bin bag

It's recommended you:

  • Ventilate the treatment room for 20 minutes to allow for air exchange
  • Please leave at least 72 hours before disposing of the double-lined bin bag Laura left with you